Request for Proposals for Research on Israel-American Jewry Relations

Request for Proposals for Research on Israel-American Jewry Relations

February 2024

Guiding Themes

The Ruderman Family Foundation is a private philanthropic foundation that operates in the United States and Israel to strengthen the relationship between Israel and American Jewry. It does so by focusing on fostering a sense of mutual commitment between the State of Israel and the Jewish community in the United States. The Foundation aims to raise awareness, generate and disseminate knowledge, and promote positive attitudes among the Israeli public toward the American Jewish community. We believe that the partnership between Israel and the American Jewish community is a strategic asset to the strength and prosperity of Israel and the entire Jewish people. As part of the Foundation’s work, special emphasis is being put frequently on the creation of new impactful research.

The horrific attack against Israel by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, 2023 which was followed by an unprecedented wave of antisemitic incidents against world Jewry, and more specifically, American Jewry, demonstrates the importance of creating stronger unity and better understanding between Israel and American Jewry.

The Ruderman Family Foundation invites new proposals for research and white papers on Israel-American Jewry relations that can potentially impact the field by introducing new, groundbreaking data that could aid in strengthening the relations between the two largest Jewish communities in the world. The proposals may focus on, for example, but not limited to:

  • New, fresh outtakes on the relationship and its importance
  • Innovative methodologies and data that could provide new elements to the discourse
  • The triangular relations between the US, Israel, and American Jewry
  • Addressing the rise of antisemitism, anti-Zionism, and its effect on society and the relationship through new angles
  • The contribution of American Jewry to Israel through interesting, new angles
  • The relationship as a key element in the national security of Israel
  • Young Jewish adults and their connection to Israel and Jewish institutions
  • Other topics related to the Israel-American Jewry relations, focusing on a variety of areas within the relationship, including culture, arts, education, economy, society, and more


  1. Relevant academic background is mandatory
  2. The paper should not be a historical perspective, but a fresh and relevant outtake on current affairs
  3. The paper’s topic should be new and original and expand beyond the scope of studies commissioned so far by the Foundation. Examples of the Foundation’s previously granted research/white papers can be found here
  4. The proposal and its expected outcomes should be relevant for wider media publications and the general public, and they should be applicable to potential policy making
  5. The timeframe of the research should take a maximum of one year

Proposals should include the following:

  1. Title of the proposed research
  2. Thesis and methodology of the research
  3. Brief bios and CVs of the writer(s)
  4. Narrative description of the topic of the paper, the issues to which it focuses, background on the reason behind this idea, the potential impact, and a media and promotion plan for release
  5. Estimated budget and timeframe
  6. Relevant information about any affiliated institutions
  7. Reasoning and motivation for conducting the research

Two-Step Submission Process

Complete applications including all required documents and attachments will be accepted in electronic form to Only relevant applications selected by the Foundation will be invited to submit a full proposal.

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